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After chating with him on different occasions,you might perceive him as a snub. That is a wrong perception of him. he can be highly sociable with an hilarious sense of humour only if you understand him. He might be to quiet and uncomposed for your liking if you are meeting him for the first tme. Two reasons may jointly account for this: like every erudite intellectuals, he takes his time to observe your deposition and mentality which will serve as a guide in relating with you.He has a timid nature which as really incapacitated him in making female friends.

In the parochial opinion of critics, he is unadventurous. This can not be discarded with a wave of the hand. Like every phlegmatic temperament, he is so calm and unruffled that he never seems agitated, no matter what circumstances he finds himself. He is so clam, quiet, easygoing, dependable, objective, diplomatic, efficient and organized. In fact, he will go to any lenght to aviod any unpleasant confrontation. He is very sensitive to emotional truama andrejection, hence, very agile in withdrawing back to his shell.

This is a boy whose major hallmark has been politeness, sincerity and honesty. He is a chaste in language as in conduct [bridled tongue and censored utterrances]. If you will permit my immodesty, I will say I am custodian of self discipline, principle, and dcency.


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